Mona Lisa

from Singapore, 26yo,170cm, C cup, size 6

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  1. Fred69(From Aus99)
    Fred69(From Aus99) says:

    Mona Lisa at 32 Cromer – very good session with a lovely girl

    Person’s Name : Mona Lisa

    Establishment : 32 Cromer

    Date of Visit : 2/7/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 0410 081717

    Hours of Business : 24hrs

    Rates : $150/hr (promotional rate)

    Age : 24 (she told me – I would have guessed a couple of years older but she might be telling the truth)

    Size/shape : Pretty face, tallish, lovely slim but still shapely figure, nice C-cups, beautiful butt, shaved bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : HK

    Services Provided : BBBJ, cow-girl, reverse CG, doggie, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Certainly – shame about the lack of DATY but it was still a very good session with a pretty, shapely and lovely young lady

    My experience/comments : Decided to pay a first visit to 32 Cromer. This shop has been and advertiser on this forum (under their new management) for about six weeks now but as yet no-one has written a review.

    They currently have a promotion which is due to end in a couple of weeks – $150/hr down from $170 – so I thought I’d visit before the promotion ends.

    I phoned their landline number, as per their website, but got a recorded message saying it wasn’t connected so I called the mobile number – no-one answered.

    I was just wondering whether to rock up without a booking or to go somewhere else when they returned the missed call to their mobile.

    I checked that a girl on today’s roster who is described as doing BBBJ actually did that and I booked her. The lady I was talking to said her name was Jennifer.

    The shop is located at the rear of a smallish industrial park. There are two, possibly three, reserved parking spaces by the unit and, in the early afternoon, there were some other unallocated spaces in the industrial park.

    You are standing in the open while you are waiting after pressing the doorbell so hopefully you don’t know anyone who works in the adjacent workshops. Maybe the management should consider a protective screen outside the door or moving the locked door back a metre to be an inner door.

    I was met by Jennifer and shown into a waiting cubicle by reception.

    I asked Jennifer whether she was the owner but she said she was the manager and has only worked there a couple of weeks but she listed about eight other FS shops around Sydney where she has previous worked as receptionist – her English is pretty good and she was friendly and chatty.

    She said they have five rooms and about five girls working each day but, as it’s a 24hr shop, the girls work in two shifts. It’s obviously still trying to build up business as they only had two girls working when I was there.

    Jennifer said they also have two ladyboys working there – I think she said Crystal and Hazel. I said that wasn’t my scene (but some forum members might be interested). I said I hadn’t seen them mentioned on the website and she said they are advertised on Locanto (I just found a ladyboy called Moon in Cromer on Locanto and the phone number listed is the same as the shop’s mobile). The hourly rates for the ladyboys are about $30 per hour more than for the girls.

    I said I prefer to see girls who do natural oral and Jennifer said she had just the girl for me – Mona Lisa. (This wasn’t the girl I’d booked, who I later discovered, wasn’t currently working – night shift, I guess).

    Jennifer called Mona Lisa and she came along.

    She is tallish with a pretty face and was wearing just a small pink bikini which showed she has a lovely slim, but still shapely, figure. I checked she did “Suck, no condom” and paid Jennifer and Mona Lisa led me upstairs to Room 4 (although it was the only room without a number on the door because “4” is bad luck!!)

    The room was a decent size with a good-sized bed. It seemed clean and well-maintained and had a fair-sized shower cubicle. There is large mirror on a side wall but it is placed too high on the wall to watch any action while you are lying on the bed.

    Mona Lisa went to get her stuff while I showered.

    I lay on the bed and she removed her bikini to reveal a nice pair of C-cups (enhanced but well done) and a shaved but very slightly stubbly bush and she has some small tattoos.

    Mona Lisa knelt over me and rubbed her tits over my body before starting a catbath, working her way down. She knelt between my legs and paid good attention to my balls and perineum and getting close to rimming me (but not quite).

    This went on a little bit too long but she then started sucking me.

    It was a very good BBBJ – starting nice and slowly and sensually with lovely soft lips, no teeth and no interruptions.

    After a while I suggested some 69 but she said she didn’t do that.

    Mona Lisa knelt beside me to continue sucking me and to lick my balls etc and I started to finger her clit. She applied some lube to make it easier but she wouldn’t let me insert a finger and I got the same result when I ventured towards her arsehole.

    At one stage Mona Lisa moved further round and I thought she’s changed her mind and was going to sit on my face but she had one knee on the bed by my head and the foot of her other leg place high on the wall high above my head. This was a great sight as I continued to massage her clit.

    Time was moving on so I didn’t stop her when she reached for a condom which she applied with her mouth. I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth but I wasn’t surprised when she said “No”.

    We started with some cow-girl, mostly Asian-style, which was a great sight as she bounced up and down on my cock.

    Mona Lisa then sat upright to continue riding me and asked me to play with her tits which she seemed to like.

    I asked her to turn round for some reverse CG – she has a beautifully shaped butt.

    Next I asked for some doggie and stood by the bed. I looked down and the sight of my cock sliding in and out was simply sublime.

    Mona Lisa was starting to get loud as she urged me on.

    I asked her to lie down for some mish and she held her legs high and wide (this girl really is supple) and, as I gradually upped the tempo, she got extremely loud and I just kept going until I squirted.

    Mona Lisa tidied me up and suggested I turn over for a massage but I got her to lie in my arms and we had a lovely chat – her English is pretty good.

    She said she has been in Australia for eight months and works at 32 four days a week and goes to school the other three days.

    She said she was from HK but, when I showed her some photos on my phone of my holidays in China, she said she was born in mainland China but her parents moved from there when she was young.

    Time was up and we showered, dressed and went downstairs and I had another chat with Jennifer. She was keen to get some feed-back.


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